When looking for a diamond ring, whether for a proposal, marriage, or special gift to a loved one, there are countless different styles to choose from. From a tiffany setting to a halo setting, diamond rings come in a variety of cuts that make the ring so appealing. What some people may not know, is the process of shaping the diamond beforehand to get that extraordinary look and shine. With all of this in mind, what is the actual process of shaping a diamond after retrieving the rock to give it that majestic look?

Step One: Sawing the Diamond
Diamonds are made from a rough stone that comes from the earth. When the stones are first retrieved, many people would be surprised to learn that the cut doesn’t resemble the beautiful diamonds that we know and love, but looks more like a rough stone. In order to get the pieces they need from the stone, professionals will saw the diamond into smaller pieces. This is done to break up the materials to be used for several pieces, as opposed to one large piece. This process can be completed by using either a specialized saw or laser. Once the stone is cut into the appropriate pieces, the next step is to cut the diamond.

Step Two: Cutting the Diamond
The main goal of cutting the diamond is to help get the round shape that we commonly see with diamond rings. There are a couple different techniques that can be used to shape the diamond, including cutting it by hand, which is also referred to as bruiting the diamond. The professional uses another piece of diamond to help cut and shape the diamond. Another strategy to cutting the diamond also involves using another diamond to shape the cut, but with a machine instead of completing it manually.

Step Three: Polishing the Diamond
Once the diamond has been shaped, the next step is to polish the stone, in order to give it the shine that we commonly see. The process includes coating a polish wheel with a powder specifically designed for diamonds. The combination of the spinning wheel against the powder helps to give the diamond that lovely shine.

Step Four: Final Inspection
Once the diamond has attained its shape and shine, the final step is to do an inspection of everything. This includes taking another look at how the diamond was cut, and how well it is shining. While this seems like the easiest part of the process, it is important to be thorough in this step, to ensure that the diamond is meeting the standards prior to being sold. After completing the final inspection, the diamonds are then sold to their respective buyers or manufacturers.

The process of creating a beautiful diamond takes hard work and dedication, but in the end, has known to be worth all of the work. Like the saying goes, diamonds are forever.