The OGI Systems Group recently made an announcement that they have developed a next generation, powerful American diode-pumped laser-cutting system for CVD (cultivated diamond) and other extremely hard materials.

mark bronner diamonds laser cutterOGI Systems Group is the leading global organization for technology revolving around diamonds or in the diamond industry. The company was founded in 1990 for diamond and gemstone technology tools, providing smart, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide array of manufacturing, grading, analyzing, and marketing processes. The products that OGI sells are often sold to diamond dealers, diamond retailers, diamond manufacturers, and gem labs. Their newest advancement is said to make a profound impact on the way diamonds are cut, and guarantees a smooth surface in each direction.

Perhaps the most admirable quality of the Titanium 5-axis laser is its precise, safe, and undeniably swift cutting of various materials such as CVD, PCD, PCB, CBN, and HPHT. By enabling users to draw and plan out their custom designs, the machine can execute any shape and it can form applications in delicate lines with accuracy. Cutting solutions to watches, automobiles, electronics, tools, medical amenities, aerospace, ceramics, energy and optics are provided with a multitude of cutting solutions by the new device

The Titanium 5-axis laser allows for a variety of sawing abilities for applications not only revolving surgical diamond knives, but for fly cutting tools, contact lens tools, and milling inserts. Consistent thickness on behalf of the wants of its customers is another benefit the laser offers. Read more about the latest technological innovations concerning the world of diamonds here.