mark bronner diamondsIn the diamond industry, there is a number of companies and diamond jewelers who are trying to get a quick buck. And for the untrained eye, it can be quite difficult for one to tell which is which. In this case it is easy for con artists to sell diamonds that aren’t real to unsuspecting consumers. But how does one tell whether or not a diamond is actually fake? The worst thing can happen when dealing with jewelry is buying a piece, pay full value and it being fake. There are ways to combat this with some quick easy tips you can take advantage of at home. these tips will include every day around the house items.

Check out three ways one can tell whether or not a diamond is fake:

The Heat Versus Cool Test

True diamonds are some of the strongest and hardest minerals on the planet. Real diamonds are nearly impossible and are very hard to scratch. That being said, diamonds also won’t crack under intense pressure. For this test, you will need a lighter or some sort of flame and an ice cold glass of water. Simply put a stone over a flame for about 30 seconds when removed from the flame, immediately drop the stone in the glass of cold water. the The swift contraction and expansion of the stone will cause weaker substances such as topaz or quartz to crack from the inside.  If the stone cracks, it is a fake stone.

The Sink Test

True stones are extremely dense and naturally a heavy material. As opposed to other stones like cubic zirconia, topaz, or the like, diamonds will have a much heavier feel. For this test, your will a glass of room temperature water. If you are dealing with an unmounted stone, simply drop the stone into the glass of water and watch what happens. If the stone drops straight to the bottom it is most likely a diamond. The high density of the stone will cause it to sink. As for other stones, they will most likely float at the top of the glass or sink much slower, floating more towards the middle of the glass.

mark bronner diamonds 2The Fog Test

Due to characteristics of a true diamond, heat disperses quickly from a diamond. This test can be done on a mounted stone or a loose stone. For this test, all you will need is your breath. Easy right? Take the stone and place it in front of your mouth. Gently fog the stone like you would do a mirror or a window. If the the stone clears quickly or barely fogs, it is most likely a real stone. Stones that aren’t real will remained fogged for a while and condensation will build up. With a true diamond, even if you fog it rapidly right after each other, a real diamond will not fog up.

Those are a few easy ways to tell if a diamond is true or fake. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for a certificate of approval! With a certificate of approval it is almost always a true diamond. Proved by the experts themselves!